Friday, December 21, 2007

Real Life is More Expensive.

I love this table. It is, of course, designed by 100 year-old Hungarian doyenne of all things sculptural, Eva Zeisel. My love affair with Eva goes back a few years, when I used this table in a last-minute school project. It wasn't supposed to be last minute...that's just how I roll. Here's the result:

But, while the fake one in the drawing above was free, save for the sweat equity of my drawing it, the real one is $1,500. Which wouldn't be terrible if I had $1,500. But I don't, so I'll just admire my beautiful and functional Eva Zeisel earthenware collection, available at Crate and Barrel:

We were lucky enough to receive the entire collection through our gift registry and the amazing generosity of our friends and family. We're also lucky that the kitchen in our modest rental boasts glass-faced cabinets so I can show these beauties off. Otherwise, you know it'd be lining my staircase. Or taking baths with me. Near my bosom.


Several years ago, husband (then boyfriend) and I were walking down 2nd Avenue in NYC when a homeless man playing the xylophone yelled to boyfriend, "Booooyyyyy, if yoo don' murray herr, IIIIIIIIIII weeeel."

Three or so years later, boyfriend decided to decline the offer and marry me himself.