Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Already Contemplating a Second Marriage.

While Husband and I have only been married for three months, I'm already seriously considering getting married again. In December. With these centerpieces, created by moi:

Now, I think that poinsettias really have a bad rap. I know that the classic red poinsettia with the shiny green wrapping around the pot leaves much to be desired. But if you look beyond its function as a sub-par holiday gift, you can see the beauty in the bloom. I especially love the white and pink/white versions, like the one my mom got this Christmas:

When the blooms are cut and placed in a pretty vintage vase (thanks, Gram) with some wild dried things from outside, I think it looks fabu. And I want someone to have a wedding and use them, dammit. The plus side is this could be done without a florist and for very little money. All you'd need is some crafty friends or bridesmaids. Or ME!! I'd do it for FREE!

Imagine icy-blue/grey floor length linens, white napkins, milkglass vases in different shapes and sizes, modern white china, pewter chiavari chairs, and these beauties, everywhere: that divorce I smell? Tastes like chicken.

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