Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cheap upholstery?

Does anyone know of a good and cheap place in Los Angeles to get these Danish Modern dining chairs reupholstered? We (and by we, I mean I dragged my husband at 7 am on a Saturday to a garage sale in Silverlake) purchased all four of these for $90, knowing that they desperately needed new fabric. A few months later, they remain the same....and it's bugging me. Not so much him. He really couldn't care less, and this is part of the problem with domestication: being a Cancer (and more importantly, a designer), I want nothing more than to create a beautiful home. My husband, being a man, wants nothing more than a carton of OJ in the fridge and Rice Chex in the pantry. It's a prob.


The Nerdy Fashionista said...

Those chairs are so gorgeous, and that was such an obnoxious deal you got! Is there something the matter with me that I don't hate the upholstery that's on them? Is it worn out and I just can't tell from the pictures?

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

also, is there something the matter with me that I am waiting like a vulture for my grandmother to move into the assisted living community she has found--she's 95 years old and tired of maintaining a 3,000 s.f. house by herself--so I can swoop in and claim all of the beautiful midcentury furniture she doesn't want to take with her to the new place?

Kids Got Hitched said...

A- The upholstery is beyond gross, but only now do I realize that you can't really tell in the photos. It's this mauve/sage green floral print on a dirty beige background...with stains. Totally disgusting, but not as completely distracting as it could be, I guess. Which is why they remain unchanged.
B- There is nothing 'the matter' with you. You just want to make sure your Gram's beautiful furniture goes to a loving, appreciative home, right? Oh, and that she goes to a loving, appreciative home, too.