Sunday, January 6, 2008

Table arrangement, part deux.

Okay, back to the table. So, I went to a fabric store near me and purchased a small remnant for $4.00. If you haven't already realized this, I am a bargain hunter with the mostest. Seriously, nothing thrills me more than cheap things that shouldn't be cheap. I could marry bargain shopping, that's how much it turns me on. Anyway, here's the table with the neutral, non-fringed fabric:

And here's a closeup of the fabric. It has this nice, heavy hand-feel and a subtle pattern:

Another shot:

But then, I got to thinking (which was my first mistake)....that maybe I needed something taller in place of the a sculpture, or a vase, or......a LAMP!!:

Oh, yes, don't you think? I really think the height is necessary. Howevs, two probs. One, the lamp is stolen from my (admittedly unfinished) bedroom, where the matching one sits on another end table...and I like them there:

FYI, I got my end tables from C-list, too. They originally had bright pink drawer-fronts, which sounds nicer than they actually were. I also painted the wood veneer surface since it was crumbling. But the most difficult of all was cleaning that handle so that it actually resembled its original material, brass. Took me a while but I love it! Oh, and the peg legs have brass on the bottom but they're still covered with tape. But I'll talk more about my bedroom and its projects at a later date.

Okay, back to the lamp. The other, MAYJAH, issue is that there's no outlet for the lamp near the bookcase, so I'd have to snake the wire into the bathroom whenever I wanted light. And that's just not something I want to do. they make battery-powered normal-sized lamps? Or do I just have to give up on the lamp idea and try to find something else with height? Damn, I wish I could have a lamp there, though, since I could use the extra light!

If you're still here....for your viewing pleasure, my gems in the artisan bowl:

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