Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Do it.

Today, I received this in my email:

Before you say, 'No, I couldn't possibly deal with the five gazillion brides and their minions who frequent these things,' listen to me. If you are getting married and do not have your dress yet, or if you are getting married and have a dress but are having severe, persistent second thoughts, GO. TO. IT. You might find the perfect dress, or you might just feel better about the one you already have.

Hard to believe that it hasn't even been a year since I went to the NYC sale. I wasn't going to go (see aforementioned reason). So, at 6 that morning, I was snoozing in bed while hundreds of women were putting the finishing touches on their matching t-shirts and making sure to wear exposable undergarments. But 1 o'clock rolled around and I found myself at Filene's, expecting the worst.

Magically, it wasn't that busy. All the crazies had had enough, I guess. Mind you, whatever sizing/style/color organization that may have existed in the morning had long since been abandoned. But at least there was no elbowing involved. It was pretty easy to discard most of them: beads? no. rhinestones? no. poof? no. strapless? no. white as the driven snow? no (purity is *so* overrated).

So, that left me with 8 or so dresses to try on. Most of which didn't work, and all of which involved me showing my wide ass and jiggly belly to all customers, salespersons, and security men present. But I have no shame, and then I saw this:

Nicole Miller IE0003, metal taffeta (?? I think Nicole herself made that name up), with large, vintage-y baubles between the boobies (see a couple posts below for me in the dress and a front view).

And to say that I loved it when I first tried it on would be true.* And to say that the $250.00 price tag was ah-mazing would also be true. To say that I walked around in it for an hour hemming and hawing while two girls quietly stalked behind, waiting for it to be taken it off and put back on the rack, would also be true -- and I'm sorry for that, it wasn't personal.

Only after getting it home and doing some research did I find out that the dress still (and even now, still) retailed for $1800. Which, really, was just a bonus for me, but a lesson for you, future bride: go to the goddamn sale.

*It would also be true to say that I still had doubts about the dress leading up to the wedding, feelings that I think are totally normal. So don't freak out if you have those kinds of feelings, too. Everything gets projected onto the. dress.


The Nerdy Fashionista said...

*it would also be true, and in the spirit of full disclosure, to say that this was the fourth (I think? yes? fourth?) wedding dress you had purchased. Or was there one you had considered buying but didn't buy? I was pretty sure there was another one that had snuck in there in between the two Badgley Mischkas--one of which (again, full disclosure) I believe you still own. In addition to this dress. The dress you wore.

Kids Got Hitched said...

The best part is that all of them combined were STILL cheaper than even one of them regularly priced. And yes, I do still own the other BM. I'm saving them both for my unborn daughter, so she can have two of mom's dresses from which to choose, and perhaps some idea why she has 8 names, three beds, and several hundred scarves.

Anonymous said...

Are you interested in selling your dress???? I am so in love with me if your interested look amazing in it!!

Kids Got Hitched said...


I wish that I could help you out by parting with my dress...but I just can't do it. I know the odds of a daughter/relative someday wearing it are super-slim. But I'm too sentimental to send it away. Honestly, good luck with your search. As Bruce Springsteen says, 'Faith will be rewarded.'

Well, we hope, at least.

Crockpot Lady said...

I think it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Are you selling the NM wedding dress?

dnahusky said...

oh this is my DREAM dress...but that 2K is NOT my dream price. i have been trying to get creative trying to get this dress. no luck. AMAZING FIND!! i'm pretty sure there are none of those sales you went to around me. congrats! i'm so jealous!

Allegra said...

Dear Hitched,
Love the story, made me laugh! I'm in love with this dress, have been hunting it down online....any chance you are going to sell it? If yes, please contact me at I'm also curious about the Other Three dresses that you purchased, since you clearly have excellent taste.
Hope to hear from you! ~Allegra

costumegal said...

Just today had a sale on Nicole Miller wedding dresses. I saw this one (or a VERY similar one) for $450. It was sold out in an instant, but there are many other lovely gowns.Sale goes on for one more day...