Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Why I Love West Virginia.

Things is cheap. Real cheap.

This lovely mallard-green (I love 'mallard', both the color and the word), cable-knit pillow, $2.99, original price unknown but surely a lot more than three buckaroonies:

This colorful woven bolster pillow, $12.99, original price $125.00 at some fancy department store:

I'll admit, $12.99 was a bit steep for me, but I just couldn't resist. Because it totally coordinated with the piece de resistance, this embroidered wool pillow, $3.75, original price $150.00 at same fancy department store:

What, you don't believe me? I didn't think you would:

The only question is, how do you feel about all three of them together?:

Thanks Gabes, You are loved and always missed.


The Nerdy Fashionista said...

Those are cute--nice steal! I have a love/hate thing with throw pillows. They look great in photos, and add a great dose of pattern or alternate texture to a big, blank expanse of couch, but when it comes down to actually sitting on the couch, or getting into bed, they just get in the way. I painstakingly picked out cheap, pretty ones when Allen & moved in together, and they have spent all of their useful life behind the couch or on the floor next to the bed, accordingly. I think maybe from now on a pretty blanket will be my preferred method of zhuzhing up a couch, when I feel the need to zhuzh (and when I can afford the kind of blanket I would probably want to zhuzh with).

Kids Got Hitched said...

Yes, I am already realizing that I constantly have to re-place the pillows after my husband decides to move them in order to sit (how dare he!!!). But my couch is a sectional and just so....big. So much grey-blueness going on. Probably shouldn't have gotten a sectional...but it was such a deal! And there's so much room to sit! And I love the word
'zhuzh' and totally know what you mean.